The Italian-Russian DJ, Pavl (aka Pav L) has moved to the techno's capital Berlin at his 29th while his career in playing and producing electronic music has originated a decade before. Settling down in the UK in 2011, he has founded Jamed Records and a techno project "AV.rage" performing gigs on the European and Asian continents. Then his partner Giampietro has decided to became a dad and you probably imagine what could happen to an artist's life in that case! To survive in London, Pavl has been spinning music for hospitality venues with long residencies at Hakkasan, Ichibuns and Obicà. The 5-6-hour DJ sets on every weekend have been surely a hand to upgrade his collection with loads of Deep House and Disco records. However, it all lasted longer than it should have, being a distraction for his aim to make the dancefloor go crazy. At the present Pavl is focusing on his new project studying dance music with 360-degree sound, interactive visuals and 4D video mapping (more info to be revealed in May 2019).

A list of some corporate private events and VIPs who had withnessed Pavl at work: HSBC Bank; Barclays Bank; Merrill Lynch Bank of America; East Asia Film Festival 2018; The Berkeley Hotel; Hakkasan Shanghai launch in 2014; Nico Panda at London Fashion Week 2018; Sven Väth, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Ronnie Wood dinning at Hakkasan Mayfair.